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Projection Mapping Workshop- in-person workshop Berlin

An intensive course where you will be able to create your first projection mapping project, for a gallery space, an artwork, onto an architecture or any other surface you can dream of to create your next great artwork!

Projection Mapping Workshop- in-person workshop Berlin
Projection Mapping Workshop- in-person workshop Berlin

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD

About the event

Intensive introductory workshop

Duration:                    3 days/sessions, 10-12 hours ++1 hour individual project feedback (aproximate 3.5 hours per session )

Dates:                           November (to be announced soon)

Format:                        Online workshop with private individual project feedback.

Level:                            Begginer

Investment:                175€


Provide the enrolee with the necessary knowledge, tools and an overview of techniques with hands-on exercises to start exploring and initiate themselves into the world of projection mapping.


In this course you will learn, understand and know the steps to create a projection mapping, from selecting the surface, setting up projector to mapping the target surface with your creative content for the final delivery of your artwork. All this, with practical hands-on exercises that wil allow you to experiment diverse scenarios and situations. This course covers the basic and fundamental knowledge of uses (commercial, artistic, socio-political purposes), formats (architectural, showrooms, events, products, art gallery) and applications for projection mapping. It introduces the enrolee to the diverse available tools, softwares and hardwares, as well as an insight on the basic steps to produce and narrate through projection mapping. During the course we will use MadMapper software, hands-on, learn the interface, functions, materials and mapping techniques for different scenarios. At the end of workshop, the enrolees will draft a small projection mapping project, present it and receive one- on-one feedback and recommendations from the mentor.

This workshop condenses 13 years of experience in projection mapping by the mentor, giving you great tips and workarounds from which you will benefit a lot.

Who is it for?

*Curators, art exhibit production managers and art handlers who want to take more control over an art exhibition's design, installation, mounting and narrating possibilities.

*Artists who want to explore new ways of narrating  -away from the flat rectangle screen-, exploring the possibilities of  architectural projection mapping, indoor projection mapping and the wide  range of innovative possibilities of projecting onto physical objects,  natural surfaces, textures and making them come alive with moving  images.

*Musicians, DJs and VJs who want to further engage  and awe their audiences, using stage mapping design as tool to create a  powerful connection between the music and the moving image on multiple  simultaneous surfaces for their concerts or festivals.

*Filmmakers who want to expand their visual  narratives to other formats and forms, such as multiple synchronic  narrative screens/objects/textures to further the cinematic experience.

*Event planners, commercial showroom and publicity producers  who want to take advantage of the medium to captivate their potential  clients, make the event memorable and striking, using the product itself  as a projection surface, designing stages, immersive experiences or  showrooms with projection mapping to animate, transform and have  imagination take over the clients.

Examples for artistic, film and curatorial applications:

Instagram: / @gargantuakunst

Examples and applications for stage, commercial events, concerts, festivals:


Module 1

Module overview

Mentor presentation and general overview of works in the field.

What is projection mapping and what is it for?

Projection mapping: examples and uses.

Overview: tools (hardware, softwares). Which one is right for your project?

Production process overview: mapping a structure, producing content.

The target surface, the projector and the photo

Creating guiding masks and line drawings

3D modelling

Setting up your project for content creation.

Tips: Mapping two level surfaces, one video: multiple levels

MadMapper software: an introduction.

Homework assignment

Module 2

Module overview

MadMapper- getting to know the interface.

Examples of tools and how to use them.

How to map a surface using MadMapper. Simulating a projector.

Diverse techniques and tools to map a surface. Mesh warping, masks and more

Hands-on exercises of techniques.

MadMapper workflow- setting your project and projectors.

Soft edge blending

Shaping light into real life scenarios. Discussion.

MadMapper material library.

Integrating a production process into MadMapper.

Using Syphon and integrating other softwares or inputs.

Discussing surfaces, troubleshooting and solutions.

Narrating and storytelling for different scenarios.

Homework: your first projection mapping.

Module 3

Module overview

Introduction to Scenes and Cues in MadMapper

Applying scenes and cues for your projects

Using 3D Objects in MadMapper: brief introduction.

Preparing a live show using videomapping and live cinema strategies.

Let's talk art and cinema: Expanded cinema, Live cinema, live videomapping and new ways of approachinhg moving image.

Module 4

Module overview

Personal project presentation to the group.

Group feedback & discussion: what we can learn.

You project file, organising your videomapping material for the show.

Narrating through surfaces and contents (theory): Images vs. words, the medium is the message. Continuity -Context-Abstraction-Emotion.

Workshop review.

Discussion: where are we heading, trends, technology.

The importance of a voice, of art over simple entertainment.

Final comments by mentor.

Included:  Temporal free MadMapper license for enrolled students.

Capacity: 12 student maximum.

Language: The entire workshop will be in English. Spanish and (a bit of) Deutsch spoken.

Requirements: Computer with MadMapper installed (Mac 10.12 + / Windows 10 64 bit) . Photoshop, After Effects or other video and photo editing softwares minimum knowledge and accessibility is recommended for exercises and comprehension, although it is not mandatory. 3D software knowledge is welcome.

**Bonus: Individual private feedback and recommendations. (Optional: Privately scheduled with mentor)

Investment:  175€

Contact: Gabriel Vallecillo Márquez


Event Policies

Terms and conditions:

By registering and paying for the workshop, the enrollee accepts and agrees to the following policies and rules:

It is the responsibility of the enrollee to attend and comply with the three sessions on the scheduled dates and times.

If two or more enrollees are not able to attend one specific session, a special shorter session can be scheduled by mutual accord with the mentor, in order not to miss out on the techniques and methods taught.

In special cases, if an enrollee cannot attend to a specific session and communicates it accordingly to the mentor at least 3 days before the session, a private shorter session can be scheduled.

No refunds will take place once the workshop starts or for any missed sessions that the enrollee could not attend.

The workshop is exclusively for one person, the enrollee with confirmed registration. No other third parties or participants can partake with the same registration.

It is prohibited to record or share by any means or methods the online sessions. Doing so, will automatically deregister the enrollee from the workshop and no refunds will take effect.

At the end of the workshop a PDF with the contents of the presentations will be handed exclusively for personal educational use. It is absolutely prohibited to distribute, publish or share in any way, form or medium the contents of the workshop, its PDF presentation and any content of the sessions.

The MadMapper serial for the workshop is exclusively to be used by the enrollee on their (1) computer. It is absolutely prohibited to distribute, publish or share in any way, form or medium the serial number. Doing so, will automatically deregister the enrollee from the workshop and no refunds will take effect.

Cancelation and Refunds:

Cancelation with full refund can take place only if communicated by e-mail up to 10 days before the first day scheduled of the workshop, if and only if, the enorollee has NOT used or applied the MadMapper serial. If the enrolle has applied the serial number a 60% refund will take place.

50% refund will take place if enrollee decides to cancel their participation up to 7-5 days before the first day scheduled for the workshop,  if and only if, the enorollee has NOT used or applied the MadMapper serial. If the enrolle has applied the serial number a 40% refund will take place.

No refund will be applied for cancellations 3 days or less before the first day scheduled for the workshop.

Transaction fees from electronic refunds will run on the enrollee.

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